Land Titles Registry Services

Land Registry and Land Title searches provide legal descriptions for land and real estate.

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The different types of Land Title searches are:

A current title search identifies the current property owner, showing all outstanding interests such as:

  • Mortgages
  • Builder’s liens
  • City easements
  • Caveats

To obtain a title, the legal land description, which consists of a plan, block and lot, is required. The LINC number, title number, the meridian, range, township, section and quarter are also utilized. If none are available, for an additional cost, Richmond Road Registry can obtain them, requiring the municipal address. Please see legal description search for within Calgary and outside of Calgary.

A copy of the document may be produced two ways, depending upon the date the document was registered:

  1. If the document was registered with Land Titles after 1973, the document number is required and the copy will be made available quickly.
  2. If the document was registered with Land Titles before 1973, a request must be filed with Land Titles, which will take additional time to process.

To find out who owned the property prior to the current owners, request a historical search from Richmond Road Registry. To locate an historical title, reference title numbers, legal description and the owner’s name may be required. Depending upon when the titles were cancelled, some are available on ALTA, the Alberta Land Titles Automation System, while others are on microfiche or microfilm.

If adjustments need to be made to a land title, such as change of owner or removal of mortgage, they must be made IN PERSON at the Calgary Land Titles office, located on the second floor of 710 – 4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB.

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