UBER Drivers in Calgary

Welcome to Richmond Road Registry Ltd., the preferred Registry in Calgary by UBER for your full testing centre for the Class 4 Driver Licence and Vehicle plates and registration needs!

To obtain a Class 4 Driver Licence you must not be in the GDL program (Graduated Driver Licence Program) and be at least 18 years of age.

If you hold a valid Class 3 Driver Licence you are exempt from the Road Test, however you will need to complete a Written Class 4 Test and provide a Medical and pay for the Re-Class fee of $28.00.

We also offer a Rental Car for the Road Test if you require, please visit the following link: https://richmondregistry.com/products/car-rental-class-4-road-test/

Class 4 Licensing

You will be required to obtain the following in order to obtain the Class 4:

Commercial Driver Guide: https://www.transportation.alberta.ca/850.htm

Basic Licence Driver’s Handbook:

  1. Knowledge Written Class 4 Exam: done on computer multiple choice – 30 questions. The written exam is first come – first serve. Please review our business hours on our home page. You will be required to produce your current licence to write. Upon passing the written exam, an eye test will be performed at our office. In the event you do not pass the written exam you can retake the test the next business day – as you are only allowed to write once a day.
  2. You will need to obtain a Medical Exam by a doctor in Alberta, please click on the following link for the Medical Form: http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/[…]/ElectronicMedicalReport.pdf
    Take this form to any Medical Doctor in Alberta and it must be completed prior to taking the Road Test.
  3. Once the above 2 items have been completed you are ready to book your Class 4 Road Test. You may book your appointment online through our website at www.richmondregistry.com, select the ‘drivers’ icon from the home page and then from the left menu select ‘Class 4 Road Test Appointment’, then scroll to the bottom and click on the button ‘book your test’. You will be redirected to Alberta Examiner where you can select the day and time that works best for you and then follow through with payment online OR you can book and pay in person at our office. We do not book appointments over the phone.
  4. On the day of your Road Test, bring with you:
    • Current Driver Licence
    • Medical
    • Knowledge Test Permit
    • Current Alberta Registration and Alberta Insurance (the name(s) on the Alberta registration must be shown on the Alberta Insurance Card – no exceptions).
    • Road Test Permit if pre-purchased in person.

    Arrive at least 10 minutes before the exam so that we can check you in by going directly to the ‘customer pickup’ sign area.

Upon passing the Class 4 Road Test there will be a Re-Classing of your licence for the fee of $28.00. However at this time you may want to consider ‘renewing’ your licence to get the full term (maximum of 5 years, depending on your age) of the Driver Licence for a pro-rated fee (maximum $93.00), as this will give you the full term possible using the current medical. If you choose to only re-class that is fine, however at the current expiry date year you have ie: 2019, you will be required to submit a new medical at that time. If you need further clarification please contact our office.

In the event you are not successful on the Road Test you may book the next business day to take the exam again and another Road Test fee will be required.

Alberta Licence Plates and Registration:
(Class 1 Plate (1-55) Ride for Hire Services)

Registration Requirements:

  • Proof of acceptable Identification (Driver Licence/Passport)
  • Proof of ownership (Current Registration or Bill of Sale/Lease)
  • Proof of insurance (The name on the ownership document must match the name on the insurance card). If registering under a company name, the name must be Incorporated in Alberta. You cannot register a vehicle under a Trade Name or Partnership Name.
  • An Alberta address
  • If the current registration is in a ‘joint’ name we may require an Authorization for Services.

Your current Alberta registration ‘credit’ (if any) will be applied to obtaining the proper plate and registration upgrade. Please bring in your current plate so that we can cancel the plate out of your name and the plate will be returned to the government.

Vehicles must be originally designed to transport 8 or fewer passengers, including the driver.

PLEASE NOTE: As the vehicle you are registering indicates transporting 8 or less including driver, you are exempt from the Safety Fitness Certificate and Operating Authority.