Raffle Licence

Need a raffle licence? Once your charitable organization has been granted approval by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission for fundraising, come into Richmond Road Registry for further assistance.


A raffle licence authorizes charitable or religious organizations to conduct a lottery scheme in which tickets or prize bonds are sold for a chance to win prizes. Click here for information on what you will need.

Click here for more information on raffle licences.

Types of Raffle Licences:

  1. If your group has never held any type of gaming licence and is interested in conducting a raffle with a total ticket value $10,000 or less, eligibility for a Raffle Licence application needs to be filled out. Your group’s eligibility for a raffle licence (total ticket value $10,000 and less) will be determined by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) and you will be notified of the outcome accordingly. If approved, raffle licences and a copy of the raffle terms and conditions may be obtained online at AGLC.
  2. For a raffle with a total ticket value of more than $10,000, an application must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks before printing tickets.
  3. An active record of program delivery for the previous twelve (12) months is required for a raffle with a total ticket value of more than $100,000.

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this service must be done in store
Once approval has been granted by Alberta Gaming and Liquor for a raffle licence, come into Richmond Road Registry.

  • At this point, you can purchase the licence.
  • An authorized representative of the organization with a valid driver’s license is required in person at the registry.
  • An application is required to be filled out.
  • Once the paperwork is electronically submitted, the licence will be printed immediately.


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