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A lien is a form of security interest granted over an item of property to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation. A lien registration is the completion of a lien being registered through the Personal Property Security Agreement (PPSA) system.

The following services can be conducted at Richmond Road Registry:

  • First registration/renew a registration
  • To amend a registration by deleting and/or adding information
  • To discharge a registration
  • To amend and renew a registration by deleting and/or adding information and renewing at the same time

Click here for more information on lien registrations.

The registry agent at Richmond Road Registry will make a visual examination of the financing statement submitted. If the information is complete and acceptable for entry, it will be updated onto the Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System (APPRES) at which time a registration number will be generated by the system. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information on any forms submitted to a registry agent is accurate. A registration may be invalidated or its effect impaired by an error or omission that is considered to be seriously misleading. Seriously misleading information could mean that the registration would not be disclosed in a search result. Particular attention should be made in completing the description of debtor names and serial numbers.

A secured party has obligations to ensure there are sufficient grounds for registration and that the registration is made in good faith. A failure to comply with this obligation could lead to a claim by any person suffering damages as a result of such registration.

When your interest is registered on APPRES, the Registry Agent will provide you with a verification statement confirming the registration information as it was recorded on APPRES. Check your verification statement carefully to make sure all information has been recorded accurately, if errors are detected, have the error amended immediately on APPRES. The verification statement can be used to renew or discharge your registration.

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HOW DO YOU GET a lien registration?

this service can be done online or in store
Download Form

Please download and fill out form (right-click the button to save/download).

Please note: You need to send us the original signature on the financing statement by mail (scanned or faxed signature doesn’t qualify for registration).

For online service: If you are paying for the service online, please mail or courier to us the receipt of payment along with the original form signature.  Once we have received the original form and copy of receipt we will register the lien.  You will receive via e-mail the registration document for your records.

The registration price is ANNUAL: If you want your lien registered for 5 years, it would be $105.

$21 per year X 5 years = $105

To register a lien for multiple years, please add this product to the cart and the following screen (during checkout) will let you change the “number” of this product to the year terms you are wanting the PPSA registered for.

Price: $21.00

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