Motorcycle/Off-Highway Vehicle Registration

What is motorcycle/off-highway vehicle registration?

Alberta motorcycle/off-highway registration is provided for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Registration is required in Alberta if you recently bought a new or used vehicle and it will be operated or parked on public property. The registration fee includes licence plates and registration stickers.

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You can register at any time during the year, but you will be assigned a specific month during the year (determined by the first letter of your last name) during which you must renew your registration. If you register  in a month other than the month assigned to the first letter of your last name, the cost will be pro-rated. (i.e.: If your last name begins with “L” you are required to register your vehicle annually during the month of July. If, for instance, you buy a vehicle in October you will only be charged for nine months – October-July).

If you are new to Alberta or are here temporarily and reside officially in another jurisdiction, there are a few options for you to consider.


  • NEW RESIDENT: you must register your vehicle and obtain an Alberta Driver’s licence within 90 days of moving to Alberta. If your vehicle comes from out of the province, it must also pass an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before it can be registered.
  • TEMPORARY WORKER: If you are working temporarily in Alberta but are a legal resident of another province/country, you are allowed to continue to use your vehicle registration and licence plates for a maximum of 183 days/6 months, as long as it is legally registered in your jurisdiction of residence.
  • FULL TIME STUDENT: If you are in Alberta as a full-time student or working as part of a co-op program, you may continue to use your vehicle registration and licence plates from your home jurisdiction, as long as they are valid and you are attending an accredited institution.

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How do you register your vehicle?

this service must be done in store

When you come into Richmond Road Registry, please bring in:

    • Insurance. You must insure your vehicle FIRST! A valid Alberta insurance pink slip must be shown to register.
    • Bill of Sale (right-click to save/download) or lease agreement.
    • Driver’s licence
    • If it is OUT-OF-PROVINCE: current out-of-province registration showing proof of ownership
    • If it is a BRAND NEW VEHICLE: original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement).
    • If it is WRITTEN-OFF, SALVAGED OR OUT-OF-PROVINCE: a Salvage or Out-of-Province Inspection is required.

Please note: The name(s) on all the required paperwork must match those of the persons coming in to Richmond Road Registry. If you cannot physically come in to the registry office, an Authorization for Vehicle Services (right-click to save/download) must be signed by the owner stating that they have requested that someone else registering for them.

In Alberta, it is stated by law that the registered vehicle owner MUST be listed on the Alberta insurance pink slip.

Any person under the age of 18 will require parental consent to register a vehicle in their name for the first time. The parent will have to be in the office at the time of registering.


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