Trailer Registration

What is trailer registration?

Trailer registration must be done when you purchase a new, used or home-made trailer. Unlike vehicle registration, which must be renewed annually, trailer licence plates are continuous, which means that you only need to register your trailer once.

How do you get trailer registration?

this service must be done in store

When you come into Richmond Road Registry, please bring in:

  • Your Bill of Sale (right-click to save/download)
  • If it is a BRAND NEW TRAILER: the original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) or Statement of Origin
  • If it is a HOME MADE TRAILER OR A TRAILER WITHOUT A VIN NUMBER: you will be required to undergo the Assigned VIN program
  • If it is from OUT OF COUNTRY: Import form (Form 1) from the border

PLEASE NOTE: The name on the Bill of Sale must be the same as the person coming in to the registry or, if that person is unable to come in, they must sign an Authorization for Vehicle Services (right-click to save/download these forms). Insurance is not required at the time of registration but you are required to inform your insurance agency you have purchased a trailer so they can add it to your policy.


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