Vehicle Registration Transfer


If you have recently bought a vehicle and would like to move the valid registration and licence plates from your old vehicle to you new vehicle you need to do a vehicle title transfer.

The requirements for transferring a vehicle’s registration are the same as for Vehicle Registration. You must transfer your vehicle registration within 14 days of acquiring the new vehicle.

How do you get a vehicle registration transfer?

this service must be done in store

Here is the procedure for registering an out-of-province vehicle.

When you come into Richmond Road Registry, please bring in the following:

  • Valid Alberta insurance. You must insure your vehicle FIRST! A valid Alberta insurance pink slip must be shown to the registry agent for the vehicle you want to register.
  • Licence plate number (if you know it)
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Bill of Sale (right-click to save/download) or lease agreement.
  • Authorization for Vehicle Services (if the registered owner is sending someone else on their behalf)
  • If it is a BRAND NEW VEHICLE: New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS)
  • If it is WRITTEN-OFF, SALVAGED OR OUT-OF-PROVINCE: a Salvage or Out-of-Province Inspection is required.


Price: $28.00

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