Death Certificate Application

Alberta death certificate applications can be obtained at Richmond Road Registry. Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record of all deaths that occur in Alberta and can only issue certificates/documents for events that occurred in Alberta. Death certificates are issued by using the information from the original Registration of Death, completed at the time of death. If a record cannot be found, a search spanning a three-year period is carried out automatically and the applicant will be notified.

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Please note: If you are ordering an Alberta Death Certificate and you are currently out of the province, you must go through this registry.

What kind of death certificates can be ordered

Certified Large Death Certificate* which contains:

  • the name of the deceased
  • sex
  • age
  • date of death
  • place of death
  • marital status
  • usual residence
  • registration date
  • registration number
  • date of issue

* This is the most commonly ordered certificate

Photocopy of Registration of Death

This registration is only used for restricted purposes such as immigration or consular affairs. It contains the same information as above and more.

Medical Certificate of Death

This is a photocopy of the Medical Certificate of Death completed at the time of death, usually by the attending physician or medical examiners office as is appropriate

PLEASE NOTE: Richmond Road Registry can only issue death certificates for deaths that occurred in Alberta.

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How do you get an Alberta Death Certificate?

this service must be done in store
Download Form

Please pay online, download and fill out the above form (right-click the button to save on your desktop and open with Adobe Reader) and bring the following information into Richmond Road Registry.

You must be one of the following to obtain an Alberta death certificate:

  • Any adult next of kin of the deceased person
  • A guardian, trustee or person with power or attorney for the deceased person whose death is registered by court documents (proof required)
  • Any person declared as the Designated Agent who is an adult next of kin to the deceased person
  • The legal representative for an eligible applicant or a legal representative who requires it for official duties (proof required)
  • The executor of the deceased person’s estate
  • A funeral home representative who is making or had made arrangements for the deceased person

You will require:

  • your driver’s licence or passport
  • any supplementary or supporting documentation as listed here

How long does it take to process?

Once Richmond Road Registry receives an application, it is usually processed within three to five working days. Photocopy of registration can take up to two weeks. After it is processed it will be mailed to you, Richmond Road Registry or ready for pick up.

You can obtain your certificate in one of three ways:

  1. order the certificate and have it sent to you directly by mail (takes 7-10 days) OR
  2. request that it be couriered to Richmond Road Registry (takes 3 business days and courier charge is $10) OR
  3. collect it at the Alberta government offices (2 business days)


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