Ancestry Search (Genealogical Search)

what is an ancestry search (genealogical search)?

An Alberta Ancestry Search (otherwise known as a Genealogical Search) is done when persons want to learn more about their “family tree”. Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record (registration) of all births, marriages, deaths and stillbirths that occur in Alberta. If the family is, or has been, based in Alberta, using the resources at Alberta Vital Statistics is a great place to learn more, and Richmond Road Registry can help you.

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what kind of documents are available to order?


  • For genealogical purposes, it is advisable to purchase the photocopy as it carries the most information.
  • Vital Statistics only has the records for birth, marriage, death and stillbirth registrations that were registered and occurred in Alberta
  • Vital Statistics has Alberta birth records dating from approximately 1850 to present and Alberta marriage and death records dating from approximately 1890 to present
  • Alberta Vital Statistics records cannot be accessed over the Internet

When Vital Statistics does not have a record of the event you are searching for and you have documents to support its existence, you may want to register a delayed registration. Contact Vital Statistics for more information.

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How do you get an ancestry search done?

this service must be done in store
Download Form
Please fill out the form (right-click the button to save/download) and bring it in to Richmond Road Registry, along with proof of identification.

Vital Statistics records are not public. The person applying for a genealogical search must show they are eligible to apply for someone’s birth, marriage, death or stillbirth documents.

The only exceptions are:

  • When 100 years have passed after a birth
  • When 75 years have passed after a marriage
  • When 50 years have passed after a death or stillbirth


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