Legal Change of Name Certificate

A Legal Change of Name Certificate is given to you when you complete the legal name change process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering an Alberta Legal Change of Name Certificate from out-of-province, you must go through this registry.

What kind of Name change certificates are available?

A large size Certificate of Name Change.

How do you get a name change certificate?

this service must be done in store
Download Form
Please pay online, download and fill out the form (right-click the button to save on your desktop and open with Adobe Reader) and bring the following documentation into Richmond Road Registry:

  • Full name of the person making the application
  • The relationship between the person making the application and the person whose document is being changed
  • Full return address of the applicant
  • Reason for your request
  • Signature of the person making the application
  • Date the application is being made
  • Phone number or contact phone number of the person making the application
  • Details pertaining to the legal change of name (e.g. the old name and new names of the person who’s name was changed, their sex, approximate year the change of name was registered)

How long does it take to process?

Once Richmond Road Registry receives an application, it is usually processed within two to three working days. Photocopy of registration can take up to two weeks. Once it is processed it is mailed to you or Richmond Road Registry.

You can obtain your certificate in one of two ways:

  1. order the certificate and have it sent to you directly by mail (takes 3-5 business days) OR
  2. request that it be couriered to Richmond Road Registry (takes 3-5 business days)


Price: $45.00

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