Legal Change of Name Application

what is an Alberta legal change of name?

If you want to have a legal change of name, Richmond Road Registry can assist you by providing you with all of the required forms. Once the forms have been completed and submitted, and the change of name is registered with Vital Statistics, the Change of Name Certificate will be sent directly to you. Additional certificates can be purchased through Richmond Road Registry.

PLEASE NOTE: Change of Names can only be done in Alberta for residents of Alberta.

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when is an Alberta Legal Change of Name not required?

Married Last Name

When a married woman or man wishes to incorporate the spouse’s last name to change their surname, the person may assume the last name or combine the two names, the order of the two names is optional (this is not a legal change of name).

Correcting (Amending) Information on an Original Registration

In some cases, a change or correction to a person’s name does not require a legal change of name and may be changed through an amendment process. Learn more here.

In Alberta, are there any name restrictions?

Yes. The legal change of name application form provides some information on common restrictions and limitations that are frequently encountered.

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what do you require to get a Legal Change of Name?

this service must be done in store

Download Form
Download Guide

Please download and fill out the above form and guide (right-click the buttons to save on your desktop and open with Adobe Reader), then come in to Richmond Road Registry.

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Change of Names can only be done in Alberta for residents of Alberta.
  • Depending on the circumstances, presentation of identification, fingerprints, court orders, dispensations, statutory declarations, proof of marital status, custody orders may be required. Contact us for more information.

How long to process a legal change of name?

When the change of name application has been filled out correctly and all required supporting documents (such as fingerprints, copies of birth certificates, child custody, etc.) have been submitted, the registry agent will send the documents to the Vital Statistics office in Edmonton. Once the application is received by Vital Statistics, it is usually processed within 3-6 weeks if there are no errors.

When you pay for the name change with a personal cheque, your application will be held for 14 days before it is processed. This practice is similar to the holding process used by many financial institutions when you deposit cheques into your bank account.


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