Alberta Incorporated Company

Incorporating an Alberta Corporation as a Numbered Company or Named Company can be done at Calgary’s Richmond Road Registry.

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Difference between A NUMBERED and named COMPANY

An Alberta Incorporated company can be named in one of two ways:

  1. A numbered company which is assigned by Corporate Registry.
  2. A named company, for which you are required to do a NUANS search. You pick the name.

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HOW DO YOU GET AN Alberta Corporation?

this service can be done online or in store

Please right-click the following links to download and fill out the required forms.
Download 4 Forms

Articles of Incorporation
Notice of Address
Notice of Directors
Agent of Service

You will require a NUANS Report to complete the registration of your company.

For online service: If you are doing the service online, please pay for the service and then scan the completed documents above and email us or fax the forms to 403-246-0647 along with your payment receipt number. Once we receive the above information, we will send you a ‘pre-confirmation’ to sign and return to us. When we have completed the Incorporation we will send you the ‘proof of filing’ and mail out the original to you – it’s that easy!


Price: $500.00

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