Dissolution of Partnership or Trade Name

The dissolution of a Partnership or Trade Name is the closing of a registered name. Dissolution can be voluntary or ordered by the Courts.

The owner(s) of an Alberta Partnership or the owner of a Trade Name may wish to voluntarily dissolve their business and no longer continue to do business in Alberta.


this service can be done online or in store

Dissolution of Trade Name
* Right-click to save/download the forms, which requires Adobe Reader (download it here if needed).

Download 2 Forms*

Declaration of Ceasing 
to Carry on Business Under a Trade Name (right-click to save/download)
Agent of Service (right-click to save/download)


Dissolution of Partnership

For online service: If you are doing the service online, email or fax (403.246.0647) us the forms to voluntarily dissolve a corporation, along with your online payment receipt. An authorized representative of the corporation must fill out the form ‘Articles of Dissolution’. Once the filing has been completed we will e-mail you the ‘Certificate of Dissolution’.The original will be mailed to the ‘record keeper’.


Price: $ 52.50

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