Notice Change of Corporate Address

Every corporation must have a Registered Office within Alberta, which is accessible to the public during normal business hours for service by delivery. If the corporation’s mailing address changes, it must be reported to Alberta Corporate Registries.

PLEASE NOTE: The Registered Office, Records Address and Mailing Address MUST be in Alberta.

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A rural route number or a Post Office box IS NOT acceptable. A legal land description is acceptable, provided that an ‘Address for Service by Mail’ is completed with a PO Box or rural route number.

If the Corporation’s records are kept at a different location than the Registered Office, this address must be set out. If the Registered Office address is not a mailing address, address for service by mail must be set out here as a Rural Route or Box number ONLY.

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How do you get A notice of corporate ADDRESS CHANGE?

this service can be done online or in store
Download Form

Please download and fill out the form (the second page contains instructions).

For online service: If you are doing the service online, please email or fax (403.246.0647) the above completed documentation, along with your online payment receipt number. Once we receive the above information, we will file the change electronically and email or mail it to you. It’s that easy!


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