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Although not required by the Partnership Act, Corporate Registry mails annual returns to limited liability partnerships (LLP) as a courtesy reminder to file the annual return. The pre-printed forms are mailed to the LLP approximately two weeks before the anniversary of the month of registration. If the LLP does not receive the pre-printed form, it must still submit an annual return for each year. A blank annual return form may be used, or the authorized representative may provide the annual return information verbally.

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If the annual return is not filed, the following year’s annual return will contain a notice of intent to cancel the LLP registration. A copy of the notice of intent is sent to all representative partners at the same time as the annual return is mailed to the LLP. If the outstanding annual return is still not filed, the Registrar of Corporations will cancel the registration, approximately one and a half years after the annual return was due. Consult the Status Change Chart for a better understanding of this process.

Annual returns may be filed out of chronological order, but it is recommended they be filed in order so that an outstanding report is not overlooked. Two annual returns may be filed within one transaction if both annual returns are outstanding.

There are no provisions in the Partnership Act to file an ‘amended’ annual return to correct information filed on a previous return. To correct most information filed on a previous return, the accredited person should use Service Provider Correct Trade Name/Partnership function.

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