Articles of Amendment

Any changes to the Articles of Corporation must be reported to Alberta Corporate Registries. Changes may include a change of Articles or Corporate Name.*

*PLEASE NOTE: A NUANS report will be required in the case of a corporate name change, which can also be done through Richmond Road Registry.


this service can be done online or in store

Download 2 Forms*

Articles of Amendment Form (right-click to save/download)
Agent of Service (right-click to save/download)


  • On the Articles of Amendment Form we require you to write the specific changes being requested (such as article changes or name changes). If you require a written explanation of longer than 200 characters, please contact us.
  • Please provide a NUANS report if you are requesting a name change, which can be purchased online.

For online service: If you are doing the service online, please pay online and then email or fax (403.246.0647) us the above documentation. Upon completion of the incorporation changes, we will email you the ‘proof of filing’ and mail the originals.


Price: $165.00

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