Alberta Driver Licence Cancellation

WHAT IS an Alberta Driver Licence Cancellation?

Need to cancel your Alberta Driver Licence for a refund?

If you would like to cancel your Alberta Driver Licence for a refund, you are entitled to any amount remaining minus a $10 (plus GST) government administration fee refund.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are normally backdated to match your new licence in another jurisdiction, but only until the end of Alberta’s fiscal year. No refunds will be backdated after March 31 of every year.

Do you also need to cancel your Alberta Licence Plates and Registration for a refund?

How do you cancel an Alberta Driver licence for a refund?

this service can be done online or in store

Simply provide us with a ‘written’ letter of request including:

  • date
  • your full name
  • current mailing address
  • date of birth
  • indicate that you are requesting the Alberta Driver License cancellation for a refund as you have obtained a licence in _____________ (your new province/country).
  • provide your current telephone number
  • you must physically HAND SIGN the letter.

For online service: If you are ordering online, please email us the above letter along with the payment receipt number (emailed to you once you complete the payment online).

Price: $9.00

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