Drivers Licence Classes

Alberta Drivers Licence Classes

From cars to trucks, buses to motorcycles, Richmond Road Registry can help you get behind the wheel. Road testing and licencing for class one through to class seven are available.

WHAT are the different alberta drivers licence classes?

  • Class 1 (Professional – Any vehicle) – Not available at our registry
  • Class 2 (Professional – Bus) – Not available at our registry
  • Class 3 (3-axle plus) – Not available at our registry
  • Class 4 (Professional – Taxi, Ambulance)
  • Class 5 (2-axle – Cars, Light Trucks, Motor Homes or Mopeds)
  • Class 6 (Motorcycle & Moped)
  • Class 7 (Learners – 2-axel & Motorcycle & Moped)

How do you get an Alberta Drivers Licence?

this service must be done in store

Once you have passed your road test (if applicable) Richmond Road Registry must confirm your identity in order for you to get an Alberta Drivers Licence.

We will ask you to provide the following:

Proof of your identity

  • You must have at least one piece of government issued photo identification such as a drivers licence or an identification card, passport, permanent resident card
  • Support documents that contain two data elements such as name, date of birth, signature, address, etc. At least one of these documents must show that you live in Alberta and have a residence here.
  • Some examples of unacceptable support documents are: Interim/temporary driver’s licence, business cards, video membership cards

All documents presented must be originals or certified copies. Photocopies will NOT be accepted.

Residency Requirements

You must prove that you are legally allowed to reside in Canada and that you are a resident of Alberta.

    • Documents that would satisfy these requirements are:
      • Canadian birth certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Citizenship Card, Canadian Passport)
      • Utility bills or other statements mailed to your Alberta address (please note: Printouts or statements obtained electronically that do not directly link you to a physical address (unlike utility bills or land line telephone bills) are not acceptable as they do not prove that you are actually a resident at that physical address.)

The documents must contain your full name, address and have an issue date of less than than 90 days to ensure the information is reasonably current.

Please note if you are:

  • A NEW RESIDENT TO ALBERTA: If you have taken up residency in Alberta and have a licence from another province, you must exchange your other jurisdiction driver’s licence for an Alberta driver’s licence within 90 days of moving to the province, regardless of whether you travel outside Alberta during those 90 days
  • VISITING ALBERTA: If you are working in or visiting Alberta, but are licenced in another province, you may continue to use your valid licence from your home province provided you do not take up residency in Alberta.
  • A FULL TIME STUDENT: If you are studying full-time or in Alberta as part of a co-op work term, you may continue to use your valid driver’s licence from your home province.
  • FROM OUTSIDE CANADA: Please click here for information on International Drivers licences.
  • UNDER 18: Anyone under 18 years of age that is not married or self-supporting must provide consent from a parent or guardian
  • VISUALLY IMPAIRED OR HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION: Individuals who have a vision impairment or a medical condition that may adversely affect their driving ability must discuss the matter with Driver Records by calling the toll-free RITE direct line at 310-0000 followed by 780-427-8230 (in some cases, a medical or vision report may be required for licensing)