Motorcycle Rental for Class 6 Test

do you need a motorcycle rental for Class 6 road test?

If you book a Class 6 Road Test through the government’s website and would like to rent a motorcycle from us, you’ll need to purchase this product through our website as the government is not involved with motorcycle rental payments or booking thereof.

Also, if you need a helmet, please note that you’ll need to bring your own as we are unable to rent them due to COVID.

If you need to rent a vehicle for another Road Test, please see the following:

For information on how to prepare for your road test and the rules associated with the test click here.

How do you get a MOTORCYCLE Rental for road test?

this service can be done online or in store

Upon our office receiving payment we will CALL you to secure the rental for your appointment, so make sure to include a valid phone number where we can reach you.

Price: $105.00

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