Learner’s Licence Prep Kit

do you need a Learner’s Licence Prep Kit?

If you intend to get your learner’s licence, you will benefit from learning with a Learner’s Licence Prep Kit. This special deck of study cards was prepared by educational experts and includes key information that has been condensed to better prepare you for the many different types of questions on the exam.

The Learner’s Licence Prep Kit includes the following:

  • Graphics that help clarify concepts
  • Clear explanations of difficult vocabulary
  • Learning hints
  • And much more

All of this information is provided in a format that will help you determine when you’re ready to take the test, and you can also download an app to help you study.

More information about this prep kit and related phone app is available at www.DriversPrepKit.ca.

How do you get a Learner’s Licence Prep Kit?

this service can be done online or in store

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