Confirmation Letter (Operator)

What is an operator Confirmation Letter?

An operator confirmation letter will say if a person has a drivers licence, but will never show the operator status. Operator status (current or suspended) can only be confirmed by the purchase of a driver’s abstract.


  • A vehicle confirmation letter will not contain the registered owner’s name unless the letter is requested by the registered owner OR the registered owner has provided written permission via an Authorization for Vehicle Services (right-click to save/download) to obtain this information.

How do you get a historical confirmation letter of date first licenced?

this service can be done online or in store

Option#1: Pay online and come in to the office.

Pay online, fill out the form (right-click to save/download) and come in to the office.

Download Form

Please bring into Richmond Road Registry:

  • Completed form
  • Drivers licence

Option #2: Pay online and mail/courier documents to RRR

Information and pricing concerning the online process can be accessed on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: This price is valid for IN-STORE service only.


Price: $31.50

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